“So many gens dark” is inspired by Dreyer’s film “The passion of Jeanne D’ Arc”. What inspired me was the extension of Jeanne’s neck, a position filled with signifiers and at the same time, totally symbolic. Dreyer is obsessively focusing on her eyes, looking above. Through her gaze she is expressing her absolute contact with the divine, while the director, by placing the judges in a high position, is derailing Jeanne’s appeal to a space of possibilities.

By trying this move/position, I immediately felt my own deviation.

If I wanted someone to locate me, I had to look sideways – if I didn’t, I would be faced with a non-delineated space named “sky” – a space still unknown to me. In order to create the space in which I can move, I focused on the relations between opposites, in order to create a secure axis. Under the sky, is the earth (vertical relation), around the earth, is the unknown, but also the unknown is above the earth, and on Earth is the human being. I realized what I am up against: in my choreography, my basic move/status will have to eternally fight. It is bizarre how this position, the extension of the neck, creates an arch – immediately relating to the name “arc”- immediately imposing an inflexibility of energy. The maximum dynamics are given to the force of the arrow. The arrow reaches its maximum point as the look is turned upwards. The arrow is the look. After the arrow/look is thrown, the bow is idle, until a new arrow activates it again.

Concept and Choreography: Kat Válastur/ Dramaturgy: Nikos Flessas/ Light Designer: Nysos Vasilopoulos/ Set and Costumes: Teresa Hahn/ Music by Antonis Anissegos/ Performed by Marialena Mamareli, Nikos Kamontos, Anja Sielaff, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Anna Laura Lozza, Katja Scholz, Kat Válastur/ Supported by Inter-University for Dance Berlin, Hellenic Ministry of Culture

6 - 7 JANUARY 2010TanztageSophiensaeleBerlin
21 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2009Chora TheatreAthens
31 JULY 2009UNI.TBerlin