“What scratches the glass from the inside” is inspired by Baudrillard’s words “To seduce is to die as reality and reconstitute oneself as illusion”, and based on principles related to structure and rules inherent in ancient Greek tragedy. It is also a solo piece about Casandra’s persona. There is no representation of the character on stage. The spectator witnesses a reflection. The character is fully translated into a choreography that vibrates as if the recording of a severe weather phenomenon.

In 2013 it was presented in the context of “Krisztina’s choice” at Bellevue Theatre in Amsterdam upon the invitation of Krisztina de Châtel. And so five years, or six productions later, I returned back to pick up on my trace from 2008.

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Choreographed and performed by Kat Válastur/ Movement attendance: Nikos Kamontos/ Light designer: Thomas Economakos/ Art work by Lydia Dambasina/ Original music score by Jose Macabra/ Voice: Renas/ Supported and produced by Hellenic festival

“The most intriguing, yet existing work is from the Greek-German choreographer Kat Válastur, she chooses for a bare setting with TL lamps (or fluorescent lamps?) and is guided by texts of the philosopher Braudrillard and the Cassandra character from the Greek mythology. Her solo from 2008 starts with slow motion movements that are interrupted, as if the dancer stands in the light of a stoboscop. Next, the body makes pumping and thrusting movements. Music and movement are closely linked to each other, Válastur looks like an emotionally charged machine. Each movement is performed accurately. Again and again the choreographer explores a particular sensation in the body in such a concentrated and secure manner that it is palpable and makes you move along. Eventualy after a blackout she dances naked in the stroboscopic light.”

Een handvol toekomstig talent, Moos van den Broek (2013), theaterkrant.nl

“Also Válastur drew inspiration from an alternative source: the myth of Cassandra, the Trojan princess who could predict the future, but who was doomed never to be believed. Her movement language you’ve never seen before: without light she creates by herself a stroboscopic effect, in which smooth movements are seen as choppy ones. But even the simplest of hand movements are mesmerizing.”


“Au sol, dans un treillis et tee-shirt noir. La danseuse se livre peu à peu à une transe singuliére son vocabulaire chorégraphique empruntant aussi bien aux danses urbaines qu’ à la tragedie moderne. De dos, d’une simple gestuelle répétitive des bras, Papageorgiou captive son auditoire…”

Baryshnikov et les jeunes pousses, Philippe Noisette (2008), lesechos.fr

1 - 3 MAY 2013Bellevue theatre
13 - 14 APRIL 2009Madrid en Danza festivalMadrid
14 FEBRUARY 2009AerowavesFrankfurt
29 - 30 AUGUST 2008Tanz im August FestivalBerlin
7 JULY 2008Athens and Epidaurus FestivalAthens, Epidaurus