“Wonderful rooms” is a work for one performer.

It is the translation of a confession into choreographic actions.

The landscape in which the actions take place is the dessert.

Like a female Don Quixote,

she fights against fictional enemies,

she discovers a radio antenna buried in the sand.

She counts particles of sand and makes a fire at night.

She reads a book with her eyes closed.

The dessert is a choice.
It is the room for a wonderful individual,

brave enough to dance her fears,
 aspirations and failures.

Choreographed and directed by Kat Válastur/ Light designer: Philippos Koutsaftis/ Set designer: Lydia Dambassina/ Sound designer: Coti K/ Choreographer’s assistance: Dafni Stefanou/ Performed by Tania Latarjet/ Artistic collaboration: Yiannis Papachristos/ Supported by Hellenic Ministry of Culture

30 - 31 MAY & 1 -2 JUNE 20065th Greek Choreographers Association Dance festivalAthens
28 APRIL - 7 MAY 2006Music Arts Dance festivalAthens
25 JANUARY - 5 FEBRUARY 2006LifeStyleDeathAthens